How do I vote by mail?

1. To vote by mail, residents must first register to receive a Voter Kit. Registration to receive a Voter Kit may be completed using the online registration system, by clicking here. To register, voters will complete a voter declaration form. Identification, that is satisfactory to the Returning Officer, must be supplied for each person registering in order to receive a vote by mail kit in accordance with the deadline established by the Returning Officer.

2. After a vote by mail application has been processed and a vote by mail kit issued, the recipient is deemed to have voted and is not eligible to vote at any other poll, including the advance poll.

3. Immediately upon receipt of the voter kit, a voter may send their return envelope by mail in accordance with the final deadline – as determined by Canada Post – which will ensure delivery to the City of Corner Brook by 8 pm on election day. This deadline will be clearly indicated on the voting instructions included in the voter kit. Ballots received after 8pm on election day, regardless of postmark, will be considered spoiled and will not be counted.

4. In addition to mailing their return envelope and ballot envelope, voters will also have the option to drop their return envelope into a drop box located at City Hall up to 12 noon on the day immediately preceding Election Day. Ballots received after this time will be considered spoiled and will not be counted.